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Personal Coaching - What's in?

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What to expect ?

  • In a first phone call or webmeeting we discuss your individual problems with the gmat and find a way how we can tackle your problems in the best way.
  • Based on this foundation we prepare your coaching session tailored for you. We find suitable test questions and guide you through the concepts.
  • Thus we work effectively and efficiently on your weaknesses.

Tailored packages

  • For sure you can determine how many hours we work on your GMAT knowledge.
  • If appropriate you also get some “homework” to prepare for your next session, therefore you will also improve between the coaching sessions.

Attractive Pricing

  • Our minimum one-on-one coaching package is 2 hours.
  • If you decide to book more hours, will happily offer you a certain discount on your rate.

Our products

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Struggling with only Math / English ?

  • Your English is perfect and the Verbal part of the GMAT is not an issue for you. But you have to fresh up your math skills ?
  • You are a Math genius but the English language has never been your friend so far ?
  • In an individual coaching session we can tailor the content towards your needs only.

Shooting for a Top-Score ?

  • You are aiming for a high score beyond 700, you are already well prepared and want to experience a final drill with a focus on very hard questions ?
  • Then a few hours of one-on-one coaching might be the right choice for you.
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Fuzzy Areas

  • You feel that certain chapters in math still appear a bit fuzzy to you ? You haven’t fully understood this whole propability topic ?
  • The whole logic within Critical Reasoning still makes you nervous ?
  • We can focus on that within your one-on-one coaching.


  • Self-morivation is not your strongest ability ? Especially when preparing for the GMAT next to a stressful worklife ?
  • We can accompany you during your GMAT prep, set individual learning plans including homework and therefore push you to peak performances.
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Quotes from happy GMAT clients

Book your course - beat the GMAT!


  • One-Day Workshop
    250 € (Professionals)
    200 € (Students)
  • 700+ Online Workshop
    200 € (Professionals)
    150 € (Students)
  • Individual Coaching
    100 € per hour
    (Discount for larger packages)
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