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700+ Workshop

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What we offer

  • We tackle only very hard and complex GMAT problems, take a closer look at the requested strategies and practice them.

What to expect

  • All participants should already bring profound GMAT knowledge to the workshop, this enables discussions within the group on a high level and boosts the learning experience.

Our products

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All relevant GMAT question categories, but at „Championsleague-Level“

  • Within the 700+ Workshop we also focus on all the different parts oft he GMAT that are relevant for your score.
  • We focus on Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension, Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency.

Comprehensive Practice Material

  • The workshop includes all the practice material we also offer in our standard workshop.
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Bring your individual GMAT problems

  • You can bring GMAT problems and questions that you personally struggle with and we will deal with them in the workshop.

Follow-up session

  • It matters to us that you feel supported after your GMAT preparation even after visiting one of our workshops.
  • In a Follow-up online session – in general held 2-3 weeks after the live workshop – we clarify additional problems and questions that might have come up.
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Quotes from happy GMAT clients

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  • One-Day Workshop
    250 € (Professionals)
    200 € (Students)
  • 700+ Online Workshop
    200 € (Professionals)
    150 € (Students)
  • Individual Coaching
    100 € per hour
    (Discount for larger packages)
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